When you can't seem to find the CARE in your home care.

Do you wonder if your caregiver has the right training and support?

Finding your own help is hard

When it's all left to you, the time it takes to find, train, and supervise a caregiver becomes overwhelming.  

No one is explaining your options

Navigating insurance, care options, and cost can leave you feeling lost.

Good caregivers feel rare

When a schedule change results in a new caregiver for part of your care, you're not always sure they will come with the same consistent, quality training.

The lack of training is obvious

It feels like the caregiver isn't able to meet your expectations of care -- like it wasn't part of their training. Why doesn't the agency know?

Here's how it should be...

You quickly find an in-home caregiver that is a great match, they know what to do, and are consistently available when you need them.

What you need

A reliable and responsive service that understands your loved one's needs and provides an in-home caregiver who is trained, available, and consistently supported by the agency. 

You find an in-home
caregiver who is thoroughly trained
and understands your loved one's needs.

The agency keeps you up-to-date
from day one so you always
know what is happening.   

You never have to worry that the caregiver will arrive on time, or if a substitute will be available when needed.

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Four risky roads to the quality in-home care you need.

Not everyone who offers in-home care provides the same level of training, support, or focus on your care.

frustrated daughter trying to get answers for care for her mom

Agencies that lack experience or organization

Mostly driven by slick promotion, some agencies may offer services before they have enough experience. Or, they lack the organizational systems that guarantee quality home care experience. They may seem personal and focused on you, but they may not be able to deliver.

Pro Tip: Ask about experience, training, and supervision systems.

National franchises + chains

Big chains make the promise that they have more caregivers and the highest quality of support, but they struggle to treat you like more than a number, and that may be how their caregivers feel, too. A big reputation doesn't always mean better service.

Pro Tip: Compare their local reviews against their national television ads.

national franchise in home caregiver
adult daughter trying to find help for her elderly father

National self-match websites

It seems like you could save money by picking your own in-home caregiver, but you have to do the job of an employment agency, payroll clerk, and professional home care trainer and supervisor. It's all left to you, and you don't even have a backup when you need it.

Pro Tip: Consider the HR management, liability, and training that an agency will take care of.

Profit-centered agencies

While every business has to make a profit,  adding franchise fees and Wall Street profits forces many to skimp on quality hiring and support, with services that are more focused on their bottom-line than the care or quality staffing for your loved one. 

Pro Tip: Ask about the employment benefits offered to caregivers, or if they are an employee-owned agency.

call center for large proft-centered care agency

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In-home care should be as committed to your loved one as you are.

You need care that you can depend on.

How to find the next level in quality home care
dependable in home caregiver with elderly woman