Put your future in your hands.

How in-home caregivers choose their own path to success and share in company profits.

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A Journey to Ownership

In-home Caregivers as Company Owners

It makes all the difference when caregivers are also company owners.

They work together to deliver great in-home care and help each other build a career path that meets their needs.

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Why Ownership Makes the Difference

When caregivers are also company owners, they benefit from a
work experience that is unlike any other. They enjoy:

A Dedicated Community

A Dedicated Community

They are part of a dedicated community of caregivers that shape their own career path.

Better Skills Development

Better Skills

They experience a supportive work environment and new skills development through training and coaching.

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A Voice That's Heard

Not only are their concerns and scheduling needs heard, but their experience and wisdom impact the direction of the company.

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Caregivers who are owners also share in the profit of the company's success.


Guaranteed Placement

Receive quality training that leads to advancement opportunities and guaranteed placements.

A Confident Future

Nationally, caregivers who work for a cooperative company earn an
average of $1.93 more per hour than other caregivers.

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Shape Your Future

You shape your own future as a cooperative owner by helping the company grow and deliver quality care.

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Elevate the Value of Care

Be a part of a team of caregiver-owners who are all working to deliver the greatest care for better earnings.

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A Team You're Proud Of

Your passion for caregiving will grow as you are respected and see your whole company making a difference in peoples' lives.

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Pathway to a Better Future

More than a “job”—a path to a more secure future, better opportunities, and the rewards of ownership.

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Caregivers deserve respect.

Hear from Caregiver-Owners

As a Worker-Owner, you feel that you have the right to give your opinion on the decisions and you work with more passion.

Margarita Pillot

Margarita Pillot

CHCA Caregiver-Owner

[Being a worker-owner] means being a resource to other home care workers about what’s happening in the organization. Be an inspiration to other HCW’s and encourage them to learn more about worker ownership or becoming a worker-owner.

D. O'Bryant

D. O'Bryant

CHCA Caregiver-Owner

Being a Worker Owner opened a very large door. I have the opportunity to do other things within the company such as working in the Board of Directors and other opportunities that I have been able to take advantage of. People like working at Cooperative Home Care Associates because they treat us with respect.

Clara Calvo

Clara Calvo

CHCA Caregiver-Owner

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