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By CHCA on March 07, 2023

Home Care Worker Appreciation Day at CHCA!

This blog is part of a series on what it is like to work at CHCA…(day in the life of a caregiver at CHCA).

Traditions are important not only in family settings but in the work environment. Traditions let people come together to connect and enjoy each other’s company. They provide an opportunity to say thank you for the contributions that someone has made. They bring everyone together to celebrate our relationships and/or the work accomplished for the year.  

At CHCA, we have an annual practice of honoring our Home Care Workers. Every November, we set a date to celebrate Home Care Appreciation Day! Why? Our home care workers play a key role in caring for older adults, people with disabilities, and those with chronic illnesses. They are committed to delivering high-quality services to people in their communities. They are the pillars of our organization. 

In CHCA’s work culture, we are focused on supporting and recognizing our workers on a regular basis. Our culture emphasizes the importance of demonstrating respect, admiration, and gratitude for our workers. On that one day of the year, we host an all-day event aimed at demonstrating our appreciation.

IMG_6599 (1)Thank you to all of our home care workers!

Home Care Worker Appreciation Day Arrives!

On the morning of Home Care Worker Appreciation Day, our volunteers report to their stations and our festivities begin at 9 am and end at 6 pm. In the morning, we distribute bagels, muffins, fruits, juice, coffee, and snacks. As Home Care Workers are coming into the office, they are encouraged to pass by the event and participate in their celebration.  


Thank you to all of our home care workers!Our office staff volunteers to serve our Home Care Workers. 

Every year we have a theme, this year it was, “Our Workers are our Stars”; we rolled out the red carpet. As workers came into the office, the staff asks them if they would like to take a picture in the Hollywood Background. At first, some of our workers are shy, but with a little encouragement, they agree to have their photo taken.

IMG_6596-1Administrative Staff Saikou Demba expresses his gratitude for the job performed by our workers.


Throughout the day, breakfast changes to lunch, and sandwiches are on the menu. The day is filled with workers receiving accolades and gratitude for their commitment and dedication. The workers enjoy sitting down and having their snacks while reconnecting with their friends and other co-workers. Many of our workers are touched by our intentions of celebrating them. While we play holiday music, some workers remain onsite for hours enjoying the environment. Many of them take pleasure in being able to eat and connect with each other, since prior years we practiced social distancing.

Our workers enjoy their treats and connecting with their co-workers/friends. 

Our workers enjoy their treats and connecting with their co-workers/friends. 

Our Partners in Home Care, 1199 SEIU, Join in the Event!

1199 SEIU joined in the activities and contributed towards the success of CHCA’s Home Care Appreciation Day. 1199, Organizer, Guadalupe Astacio, assists CHCA in setting up and cleaning after the event. Guadalupe distributes 1199 goodies to the workers and reiterates that CHCA is one of the very few agencies that invest time and resources to host this type of event.  1199 are thrilled to take part and support this important event. 

1199 SEIU Organizer, Guadalupe Astacio, talking with workers.

1199 SEIU Organizer, Guadalupe Astacio, talking with workers.

Another Successful Event!

Traditions serve as a way for creating lasting memories for our friends and family.  Every year, CHCA is devoted to creating these special memories for everyone in our organization. We want our workers to know how much we value them and their contribution to our agency. In addition, we recognize all the work and commitment our office staff (volunteers) contribute to making this day memorable for our workers. 

CHCA’s Client Services Director Juan Carlos (JC) Lopez with his grandmother, a CHCA CDPAP Client. Also in the picture is JC’s mother and grandfather.

CHCA’s Client Services Director, Juan Carlos (JC) Lopez, with his grandmother, a CHCA CDPAP Client. Also in the picture is JC’s mother and grandfather.

Published by CHCA March 7, 2023