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By CHCA on April 26, 2023

1199 Host Annual Health Fair at CHCA

In 2003, CHCA’s workers became members of the 1199 Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Throughout the years CHCA has partnered and collaborated with 1199 in various events with the goal of creating a better work and personal life for our workers. This goal led us to create the annual health fair that we have been hosting for the past ten years. This was an initiative that was established through CHCA’s & 1199 Labor Management Committee.  One of the committee’s objectives was to educate the workers on the importance of taking good care of their own health, not only their clients and family members. The committee reinforced the value of selecting a primary care doctor, keeping up with your medical appointments, and eating healthily.  It was during those earlier years, 1199 offered to host a health fair at CHCA’s offices. What started off as a one-time event, turned into an annual affair. 

The Annual Health Fair

On Friday, March 16, 2023, 1199 arrived at CHCA with an array of staff members from Clinicians, Health Educators, Outreach Coordinators, Social Workers, and Registered Nurses.  As CHCA workers entered the office, they were greeted by their 1199, union organizer, Guadalupe Astacio; she encouraged the workers to partake in the fair. 

CHCA workers are registering to take part in the health fair.

CHCA workers are registering to take part in the health fair.

As the workers made their way around the event, they were screened in three areas: (1) Body Mass Index, (2) Blood Pressure, and (3) Glucose & Cholesterol.    These screening tests were performed to detect potential health conditions that can lead to heart failure/disease.   The first stop was at the Body Mass Index (BMI) table.  BMI  is a measure of body fat on height and weight to help you determine your healthy weight.  The caregiver then proceeded to have their blood pressure taken to measure the force that their heart uses to pump blood around their body.   The next stop was the screening for glucose which calculated the sugar in their blood and cholesterol. Once the screening results were printed, the results were assessed by an 1199 Registered Nurse.   The nurse shared the results with the caregiver, and they gave the caregiver a consultation exploring ideas and tips for a healthy lifestyle. The nurse gave each caregiver a guide to a nutritious diet, healthy eating habits, and exercise routines to incorporate into their daily lives.  

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After receiving their screening results, home care workers have an opportunity to talk to 1199 Outreach Coordinators.   The Outreach Coordinator inquired if the workers have a Primary Care Physician (PCP). If workers do not have an assigned PCP, 1199 researches and makes a PCP referral in the area.  

An 1199 Health Educator engages workers as they go by to demonstrate a colorful display of nutritious meals and fatty foods. There are sample plates of healthy meals, vegetables, beans, salmon, and brown rice. Also on display is an unattractive structure of what five pounds of fat looks like.    

Picture3 (1)1199 Member Assistance Program (MAP) is also onsite providing an orientation to FREE benefits that workers can take advantage of such as mental health programs, access to financial and food assistance, prenatal care, and weight watchers.    It is a perfect opportunity for workers to get reoriented to their benefits and ask questions.   
The event ends with a gift; an 1199 swag bag including union items such as t-shirts, water bottles, umbrellas, and more. It is an exciting event that is focused on the health and well-being of caregivers.  Everyone is thrilled with their parting gift. The health fair was a successful event; over 110 caregivers participated and were able to gather important health information which directly impacts them. This event represents a wonderful partnership between CHCA and 1199 that benefits our caregivers and their members.     
1199 Swag Bag for workers!

1199 Swag Bag for workers!


Published by CHCA April 26, 2023